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Play music for better brains–So says TED

Dedicated to musicians, this is an amazing TED video explaining the connection between the level of analytical and problem-solving ability that musicians have.

This reminded me of all my musician friends and especially Rudra (Pandey) and Sunita (Tiwari). Rudra is a seasoned guitarist whereas Sunita was learning violin when we worked together (I hope Sunita has mastered the art of playing violin by now just as she has made everybody proud by winning the Nepal Chhatra Bidya Padak (Nepal Education Award to Girls)).

Music, as I have already expressed in my earlier posts, is my greatest passion. After watching this video, I want to play a musical instrument now. I have been practicing on harmonium during my early days of getting into vocal lessons. I will definitely have to learn to play harmonium once again, not only to train my voice, but also to train the brain.





Karnali Highway – Explore the ruggedness Mid-Western Nepal has to offer

National Geographic video on one of the deadliest roads in the world, Karnali Highway.

Ideas abound

JumlaCrown jewel of Mid-western Nepal, Karnali Highway is a symbol of both reverence and fear for those inhabiting the region. Reverence because of its overwhelming size and stretch. Fear because of its treacherous rocky trail which as the locals say is “synonymous to a blood-thirsty goddess claiming her sacrifice”.

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Orijin Culture | Magazine & Fashion

African symbols always fascinate me. Now that these symbols are presented with their meaning, I am revisiting my longstanding thought of getting tattooed with one (or a combination) of these symbols!!!

Habari Gani, America!

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