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Change your beliefs to change your life

Happy Faces

Happiness is an elusive state. It is. Nothing can define happiness, instead, it defines everything for us. Having followed Shawn Achor, a Harvard-trained positive psychologist, for some time now, I believe in the power and strength of positive thinking. Thinking positively can bring about miracles in one’s life. Continue reading


Learning in mother tongue- Is it viable?

Children taught in mother tongue

Children will learn and grow effectively when taught in their mother tongue

In a special talk on, an advocate for Arabic language, Suzanne Talhouk, spoke about the grave need for people across the world to preserve their mother tongues. She says that for one to master any other language one must be a master of her or his own mother tongue first. Because that is from where most expressions come.

This piqued my interest. We have more than 92 different mother tongues in Nepal. The country’s richness in ethnicity and languages poses its own problems.

Let’s first look at some of the perks of learning in one’s mother tongue. Continue reading