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A go-getter and always an optimist, I believe in the strength and magic of positive thinking. I do not like to call myself preachy. However, I do not mind if people do call me one.

Coming back to my point, I truly believe holding a happy thought works wonders for all of us. Just look at that innocent smile on a baby’s face or watch the sun rising from the horizon. Don’t they just inspire a feeling of tranquility and calmness in you?

Hold a happy thought everyday. It sure does pay off.

Next time you look into the mirror, smile at the person staring longingly at you. And that person will smile with you. Smile. Does it cost anything? Nothing, right? Instead, think of the perks a smile can bring. It is a sure-fire recipe to stay and look YOUNGER !




  1. hungrydai

    People go about looking so troubled these days. Maybe they are troubled. Yes you are right, Ayushma. Life is too short. In the part of Bournemouth where I have my UK apartment, I very often greet people I meet on the street. Usually it’s just ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’. I get mixed responses but generally very favourable. I bet some people are shocked and scared when I say hello but that’s the way it used to be in the UK. My suburb is called Westbourne and it’s a very leafy suburb with lots of trees, gardens and plants. There are many old people who have retired in Bournemouth and they love the town as I do. These are the people who respond best and often we end up chatting and suddenly I realise that people can be so nice. We have to reach out sometimes.

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