Change your beliefs to change your life

Happy Faces

Happiness is an elusive state. It is. Nothing can define happiness, instead, it defines everything for us. Having followed Shawn Achor, a Harvard-trained positive psychologist, for some time now, I believe in the power and strength of positive thinking. Thinking positively can bring about miracles in one’s life.

I am a naturally happy and optimistic person. Nothing in life really upsets me unless it’s very, very deep and serious such as the death of a near or dear one. I vividly remember an incident or two that really got me down or made me really depressed. Other than that, I do not have any recollection of anything making me sad. Life is too short to be sad and unhappy. There are lots of good things to do in this short span that it’s just not worth wasting our time on something that doesn’t deserve our attention.

Coming to happiness being elusive, it certainly is. Just consider the amount of joy it brings us to buy things we always wanted to buy. However, on the hindsight, we are bogged down by the fact that we wasted lots of money on something that should not have cost the amount it took.

Life is full of contrasts. One moment you are full of joy and the other second you are depressed and find yourself in the deepest of sorrow and desperation. It all depends on one’s attitude and everything else is just taken good care of.

Talking about attitude, happiness cannot be measured in terms of success, rather it can be brought about by the manner one feels about him/herself and the world. Changing one’s beliefs can bring about tremendous benefits in terms of happiness and prosperity.

I leave you with a piece which stresses on the importance and need to change our belief and attitude for our good.

“It’s not just that some people happen to recognize the value of challenging themselves and the importance of effort. Our research has shown that this comes directly from the growth mindset. When we teach people the growth mindset, with its focus on development, these ideas about challenge and effort follow. . . .

As you begin to understand the fixed and growth mindsets, you will see exactly how one thing leads to another—how a belief that your qualities are carved in stone leads to a host of thoughts and actions, and how a belief that your qualities can be cultivated leads to a host of different thoughts and actions, taking you down an entirely different road.


The mindsets change what people strive for and what they see as success. . . they change the definition, significance, and impact of failure. . . they change the deepest meaning of effort.”