These technical geeks—from the perspective of a Sociology graduate

So, so you think you could tell the difference between a programmer’s life and that of a Sociology graduate?

24 hours is not enough for us,” says an avid Android developer at my office.


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Here I am working for a software company irrespective of earning a degree in Sociology, and trying to figure out the intricacies and simplicity of the lives of programmers or developers.

We have a bunch of exceptionally well-talented “geeks” who, if not found coding and creating logic, can be busy with their pet projects. Some of the guys are so talented enough that they have built their own mobile apps (short for application) which are very intuitive and amazingly pro-people.

Here I sit musing most of the times at the life of these brilliant minds who have made our lives so much easier with the use of technology. Since I am primarily surrounded by these technical people for the most part of my day, I am naturally surprised at the speed at which their minds work!

Take for example this superb app called Yellow (in Beta version for now). Developed by a group of enthusiastic developers Yellow has made it easy for people, especially working ones, to find nearby restaurants, go there and have a hearty meal at a discounted rate just for showing to the restaurant people that you have Yellow installed on your Android smartphone (More on this app in my later posts).

It will be difficult for me to sit in front of the computer conjuring images of logic and ill-logic. However, for these guys computers are their safe haven or perhaps their home.

I can sum up their lives as something revolved and hugely hovered over by supercomputers, avoiding all worldly distractions that I as a Sociology graduate would normally engage in.

Music is my passion, so is reading people’s lives. Hence this blog post where I am trying to understand the essence of these geeks. It may not be an exaggeration if I say that these technical individuals live, eat, breath and sleep with codes in their minds.

Not convinced? Ask Pradeep who says that if he gets “hang” for not being able to crack a code or create logic, he might be literally haunted that he will be able to decipher codes or develop one of his own in his dreams.

Wow! Wish I could do the same with my thoughts and my failed attempts at singing like a star.

Well, there’s definitely something I can learn a great deal from these people.




    • Ayushma

      Hi Ankit, thanks for your kind words. I’m working at F1Soft right now and I’m surrounded by technical people all the time. Hence this blog entry entirely dedicated to them.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

      Do keep in touch. 🙂


  1. hungrydai

    A brilliant blog and so well written. i enjoyed reading it, Ayushma. You have better English writing skills than I do. Keep writing (and singing hehehe)


    • Ayushma

      Oh, thank you Anthony for your kind words. This is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. You inspire me even more to write and write better.

      Thanks so much.


      • hungrydai

        Well it was just the truth. It’s good to find someone who knows how to interact. It’s raining up here in Satungal. I love the rain but I have to paint walls downstairs and the bad light makes it difficult. I’ll take my dog down with me so I can chat to her while I’m working. And I’ll have my music too. Do Nepalese also chat to dogs? Rasmi, Rekha, Kumar and Luma here do but I thought they may have caught that habit from me. Will you go to work today?


  2. Ayushma

    Yes, I have to go to work today. And yes we chat with our dogs here as well. At least my father and I do. Our dog’s name is Brownie and he’s such a cute dog. Reminds us how lucky we are to have him with us. Wags his tail all the time while we are chatting with him.
    Once in the past when we had just owned him, Brownie would not eat anything except cushion (lol). We thought he’d die. Then I remember getting up in the middle of the night to prepare chapattis for him, which I would break into small pieces, dip them in warm sweetened milk and give Brownie to eat. He would eat those chapattis with great pleasure. 🙂

    It’s the little things people do in life that make the whole difference. I’m glad that we share similar thoughts and attitude toward life. It’s a great pleasure and a humbling experience to meet you, Anthony.


    • hungrydai

      Thanks Ayushma. Your use of English makes reading it such a pleasure. Rasmi just brought me a boiled egg and Flocky almost climbed up onto my desk to get it. I know we should stop her with these things but she’s so very cute and loving so we tolerate all her naughty behaviour. In my blog yesterday I posted a Youtube video of Flocky chatting to me in Skype when I was in the UK last month. It will make you laugh (or cry). Have a nice day Ayushma. I’m going down to paint now before Flocky drags me out of this chair.

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