What if I were like my 7-year old nephew?

Adwitiya (my nephew)

Adwitiya (my nephew)

My nephew asks me a flurry of questions every now and then that intrigue me most of the time. “Why is the sky blue? How many days make 1000 years?”

Sometimes he puts me into situations which I find are a tough nut to crack. And when I try to answer these questions, he tries to reason with me.

“It is the reflection of the sea that makes the sky blue,” he offers. I get struck with awe at the imagination of this 7-year old.

This brings me to a crucial question. Was I as smart as my nephew when I was his age? Well maybe or maybe not. Just read this reference to an incident as a proof of my naivety as a kid. A teacher of mine once asked me the following questions and here is how I responded as a seven-year old.

Teacher: “Do you have a brother?”

Me (7-year old): “Yes.

”Teacher: “Does your brother have a sister?”

Me: “No.”

Well, it happens, after all I am a 7-year old.

As a kid one has all the liberty to ask questions that may seem silly if an adult asks. E.g. my aunt was pregnant and we were was at a family party when I asked her to explain why her tummy was bigger than the rest of the family. My aunt could not utter a single word and simply dismissed the matter with a meek smile.

Children are children and no matter how many embarrassing questions they ask or comments they pass (of course within limits), they will still be adored. You are easily forgiven as a kid.

Of course there are disadvantages of being a kid when everybody tries to get the better of you, you do have your days as a kid. Carefree, playful, full of life. No tensions whatsoever. The only tension would be of doing homework on time. Wow!!!

My nephew

My nephew after drawing the “Life cycle of a butterfly”

If I were given a chance to go back to my childhood, I would definitely like to be a 7-year old kid like my nephew once again. Wouldn’t you like to revisit your childhood days and relive the carefree moments?