The Ultimate Descent- Two Nepalis paraglide from the top of the world

“We weren’t after a record. We just wanted to do all these things, climbing, paragliding, kayaking in one continuous trip,” Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa upon being asked by National Geographic about how things have been after being recognized for their achievement.

Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa and Sano Babu Sunuwar stand for adventure. National Geographic salutes them as the “two Nepalis who complete a mission to launch a paraglider from Mount Everest’s summit and kayak the Ganges to the Indian Ocean.”

In the year 2012, Lakpa and Babu won the People’s Choice Adventurers of the Year, National Geographic, setting a new world record with borrowed gear and a shoe-string budget. There were no corporate sponsors nor social media campaigns, only sheer grit, determination and hope.

Born in the Nepali soil, both of them have what it takes to be truly brave at heart and adventurous in spirit.

Watch their video here.

Know your adventurers

Lakpa Tsheri Sherpalakpa-tsheri-sherpa

Lakpa, born in the Khumbu region in the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal, always had the dream to fly. With many failed attempts at flying and damaging his paraglider in the process, Lakpa ultimately found a friend who shared the same passion in Sano Babu. They met in Pokhara, a paradise for paragliders, where Lakpa had gone to fulfill his longstanding dream of being airborne.

“I like to sing when I fly,” Lakpa said revealing his free spirit to all of us.

Sano Babu Sunuwarsano-babu-sunuwar

“Without adventure you are not feeling real life,” Babu says with passion about the descent and the entire trip to the Ganges in India.

Babu, a kayaker and paraglider by profession, also shared the same dream as  Lakpa. A true adventurer at heart, Babu never gave up. There were times during their trip in the Bay of Bengal when they were robbed at knifepoint, however, they were strong and determined enough not to let their camera being robbed.

With heart so soulful and mind concentrated on just one thing- ADVENTURE- Lakpa and Babu are proud entities who not only made Nepal famous but also spread the message of solidarity and friendship.

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