Yet another cold wave tragedy in Nepal

While Australia is heating up with temperatures soaring over 122 degree Fahrenheit which have generated heatwaves to cause wildfires across the continent, Nepal witnesses cold wave in its Southern plains (Tarai) where people are breathing their last on a daily basis. A recent news report says that a total of 8 people succumbed to death including centenarian Bansrajo Kewat who shivered to death in Rupandehi on Thursday morning. It has now become extremely essential for all to be aware of the safety measures that one can take to protect oneself from cold wave. Also, the government must play a proactive role in ensuring mainly the following:

  • Have local radio stations broadcast cold wave protection measures at all times
  • Have schools and/or community halls be used as shelters for the poor and the homeless who are most likely to be affected by cold wave